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Driver for adapter XTC-319



XTC-319 controller recognition.

- If your computer is Windows 10 and it cannot recognize the Xtech XTC-319 cable

You have to do this process.

1. Download the XTC-319 driver at this link: Download.


2. Once downloaded, we open it with Winrar or unzip it with another program and open the folder “XP, 2003, Vista, 2008,7,8,2008 R2 (2.08.28)”.


3. Install the 2 certificates in this way.


4. Search for the Hardware ID of the XTC-319 in Google, so we will identify a more updated driver: USB VID_1A86 & PID_7523 & REV_0254.

You can find it in Device Manager or Device Manager:


5. In the same way, these are the 2 links where you can download the XTC-319 Driver that have worked correctly for now.

- Option 1: Download. (go to the bottom of the page to download)


- Option 2: Download.


6. Once the Driver has been downloaded, you can install it and the driver for the XTC-319 would be working correctly.